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Serving nostalgia in every bite


Fabrizio Facchini, with his wife Samira, has been the a Chef and Owner of the small Boutique Hotel And Restaurant “Antico Borgo in Arcevia, Le Marche Region” in Italy since 2009. He has been recognized and published in the Michelin Italy Guide since 2012 and other prestigious guides, magazines, press and food blogs around over the world.  He moved from Italy with his family to San Diego in 2015 and and since 2017 live in NY State.  He was awarded by the Italian American Chamber in New York for his work bringing an Authentic Italian Cuisine to the USA. 

Fabrizio is also an Executive Chef and Business Owner in the USA. Fabrizio is part of the Slow Food Chef Alliance in Italy and the USA. He is the Chair of Chefs Alliance Slow Food USA and New York State.  He was invited in 2018 to cook a dinner at the prestigious James Beard House and has participated in Denver at Slow Food Nations Festival 2018 where he cooked at the Zero Waste Family Meal with Massimo Bottura and other famous chefs. Fabrizio is also involved in other foundations and nonprofit organizations such as Food For Soul, Nature Kids in Costa Rica, Sons of Italy, NoKidsHungry, FoodBankNY, Noah Homes San Diego and others. He appeared on Food Network and participated to the Food Network NYCWFF. Fabrizio is a Brand Ambassador for Urbani Truffles, Pasta Di Martino and DiSano Pistacchio di Bronte.